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SIMTEK Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH was founded in 1994 and stands for high quality carbide precision tools with high performance ability.As a central part of the group, it dedicated to developing, producing and selling high performance carbide tools for metalworking. SIMTEK stands for high quality carbide precision tools with high performance ability. The standard range of tools includes 11.000 tools for grooving, turning, milling, broaching, thread whirling and polygon milling applications. The standard range starts with small part machining tools for applications in bores as of Ø 0,3 mm (0.012“) and goes up to multirow, highly complex disc milling cutters with a diameter of 200 mm (7.875“). Simtek tools are manufactured from micro grade carbide with advance coating technology give tremendous cost saving and consistency. Simtek provide solutions for various non standard…
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Teknik Cutting Tools in Portugal

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Milling Tools,Tool Brands,Tool Holders,Turning Tools
History Teknik Cutting Tools has been established in 1987 in Turkey. Teknik Makina Tools started to produce cutting tools in 1994. Over 5.000 kinds of tools are produced in new factory building located in Fourth Industrial Area of Konya since 2015. There are 40 production lines which is capable to produce in several categories at the same time. Production and designing teams are all educated and certified according to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard to serve you better. Teknik Cutting Tools Products Face MillPrecising BoringShoulder MillerDisc MillingEnd MillingsT-Slot Milling CutterChamfering end MillingScrew HeadExternal Turning HoldersBoring BarsExternal Turning Holders With CoolantBoring Bars With CoolantCarbide Tool Holders With CoolantIndexable Insert-DrillsGrooving HoldersThreading HolderTool HoldersBlock for BladesSpare PartsBoring Bars Sets Teknik Catalog Download Here you can find Teknik Tools catalog ready for download: Teknik General 2020 You can lso dowload…
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Korloy Tools

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Milling Tools,Threading Tools,Tool Brands,Turning Tools
Korloy Tools has one of the greatest price/quality ratio. Korloy Inc. is a manufacturer of a full line of coated, uncoated, carbide and Cermet inserts. From its beginnings as a cooperative in 1966, Korloy has grown from a small factory in Seoul, South Korea, into an international corporation that sells its tools in more than 60 nations around the world. Today, the company is known for its efforts to become a global leader in cutting tools by pursuing continuous innovation. Manufacturing cutting-edge tools with advanced facilities and knowledgeable staff, Korloy has made continuous technological innovations to provide better machining tools for the following industries: automotive, machine, railway, shipbuilding, die and mold, electronic, medical and aerospace. KORLOY has provided advanced carbide cutting tools since its foundation in 1966. Now it is leading…
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High-Performance One Pass AT-1 Thread Mill from OSG

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Thread mills are tools designed to cut threads by milling. Thread mills are used on numerically controlled machining centers (NC) that have simultaneous, triaxle control and helical interpolation functions. AT-1 Thread Mill is the brand new thread mill from OSG Tools Corporation. In comparison to general tapping, thread milling is more stable with less cutting condition limitations in terms of chip management and coolant lubricity. First choice in quality and performanceOne pass thread millEgiAs coatingMilling for internal thread AT-1 Thread Mill Performance Demo Download AT-1 brochure Inquiry and quick order form Please contact us if you have any questions, you need technical assistance or you want to place work order for OSG thread mill. [contact-form-7 id="64" title="General Contacts"]
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Ceramic cutting tools

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In general, ceramic cutting tools have found applications principally in hard turning and milling cast irons and superalloys and in finishing hardened materials. For cutting tools, two kinds of ceramic composite materials are used, which can be differentiated according to the matrix materials. There are ceramics based on aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and silicon nitride (Si3N4). The key to successful application of ceramic cutting tools is to remember that they can take far more heat than do carbides, because they soften in the range of 2200°C versus about 870°C for carbide tools. Aluminium oxide-based ceramics are divided into pure, mixed and reinforced ceramics. A range of ceramic cutting tool materials aluminium oxide (white) ceramicsmixed (black) ceramicssilicon nitride-based ceramics White Ceramics Alumina-zirconia (white ceramics) contains up to 10% ZrO2 in order to…
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7-Leaders End Mills

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7-Leaders Corp. specializes in the production and sale of round cutting tools, such as end mills, drills, reamers, etc. 7-Leaders end mills are not only one of the most famous brands in Taiwan for their durability, quality and accuracy, but also one of the leading brands in the market . Company uses Walter CNC grinding machines and Swiss manufacturing technology. Using the latest cutting concepts, company has developed a series of milling tools FX HSC (High Speed ​​Machining), HPC (High Performance Machining), HFC (High Feed Machining). Thanks to the special geometry and high resistance of the cutting edge, the 7-Leaders cutting tool is able to process materials with a hardness of up to 68 units on the Rockwell scale and work in a wide range of modes. In accordance with…
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Ceramic end mill blanks (ground ceramic rods)

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We are glade to offer ceramic end mill blanks (ceramic ground rods) for end mill production. In addition to ceramic end mills produced by OSG Tools (download OSG catalogs here) as well as SsangYong (you can also get it from us) we are ready to supply ceramic end mill blanks from independent European cutting tools manufacturer. Rods material is specially designed SiAlON. The ceramic rods are cylindrical ground in h5 tolerance. Precision-ground SiAlON ceramic rods Excellent accuracy of dimension and form as well as maximum surface quality are the basis for successful production of these ceramic milling cutter blanks. Economical and high-performing A revolutionary cutting process compared to solid carbide end mills. Outstanding performance results in extreme improvements both in cutting speed and tool life. Especially on Inconel 718. Comprehensive programme…
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Ceracarb Tools

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Ceracarb Tools, brand from South Corea, is manufacturer of advanced ceramic cutting inserts, inserts with PCD tips, CBN inserts, whisker ceramic, SiAlON, silicon nitride cutting tools. Ceracarb Company Profile CBN and PCD insertsCeramic cutting inserts (white ceramic, black ceramic, coated ceramic inserts, reinforced with whiskers)SiAlON and Silicon Nitride insertsBest choice for cast iron (ISO K) and super alloys (ISO S) Production Program The Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN, also known as Amborite) inserts are, thanks to the high technology, one of the best-seller of Ceracarb. At the beginning they were used for finishing of irons and hard materials.The technology development has widened the applications to heavy dry roughing of grey cast-irons,it is possible to use them also with an abundant coolant flow.  Besides the single tip series, with the time have been…
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AKKO Tools

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History AKKO Oto. Mak. Hırd. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti, which has been  founded by Abdullah KARAKUŞ in 1986, produces Turning Tool Holders, Threading and Grooving Tool Holders, U-Drills, Milling Tool Holders and Precision Tool Holders ( OEM Tool Holders ). Now, AKKO produce standard 3000 kinds of tool holders with production capacity of 180.000 pieces per annum in an area about 8000 square meter  with latest technology lathes and equipments that are produced by countries like Turkey, Japan, Germany, Sweden. AKKO keep ready about 100.000 pieces produced products in our stock to meet request of our customers immediately without saying them we have nothing for sale. All kind of process from machining of steel to heat treatment and coating on tools are made in integrated factory AKKO. Nowadays, AKKO are…
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